Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers: The Fundamentals Course

Maximize Your Affiliate Earnings by Giving Your Audience Content They Will Love

Blogging is wonderful, but it is incredibly hard work and takes up loads of your valuable time. And it can be incredibly difficult to earn real money from your blog.

But you LOVE blogging. Like REALLY love it.

So what happens? You keep churning out content and working your butt off, but you continue to earn far less than you should for all the time that you invest in your blog. You keep waiting for your traffic to grow because you think more traffic is the key to earning more money from your blog.

There is an incredibly effective way to earn money from your blog with the traffic you already have--AFFILIATE MARKETING. Even if you are already earning some affiliate revenue, I bet that you aren't earning nearly as much as you could be. In fact, I nearly guarantee that you are LOSING out on potential affiliate sales as you are reading this.

I'm here to help you fix that problem. This course will teach you the fundamental skills you need to start earning affiliate revenue from your blog!

Your Instructor

Tasha Agruso
Tasha Agruso
Hi! I'm Tasha, the blogger behind Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body.

When I first began blogging in October of 2013, it was just a hobby. I had no idea people earned money from blogging! But after blogging for a few months, I learned that you could "monetize" your blog, so I started to look into it. I quickly and easily learned all about sponsored posts and ads.

Learning about affiliate marketing was much more difficult because I could not find a comprehensive, detailed resource that explained HOW affiliate marketing can be used by lifestyle bloggers.

After a lot of trial and error and experiments, I figured it out on my own and now regularly earn at least $3,000 per month in affiliate sales. I have earned as much as $13,000 in affiliate revenue in one month and I want YOU to be able to maximize your affiliate revenue as well. That's why I wrote Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers and created my Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers course.

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